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Cash-strapped Illinois owes companies $4.5 billion

By Monique Garcia, Tribune reporter

Frank Vala left a state government job 30 years ago and built up a business that aims to keep seniors across Illinois out of hospitals and nursing homes by assisting them with everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning or picking up medicine.

The state is supposed to cover the cost of that helping hand to the elderly, but it is falling further and further behind in paying its bills, and Vala has had to remortgage his house and cash in his retirement savings to keep Community Care Systems afloat.

The Tax Man Cometh

Victory in Focus

Bill Brady speaks to a full house at the Chicago Young Republican's monthly business meeting. Read the story at illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview/2010/04/cyrs-prepare-for-exciting-year-in-illinois-politics.html#more

County's 'elevator operators,' other job titles present misleading picture

 By Alex Parker April 09, 2010 @ 12:00 PM ShareThis

Does the Cook County Sheriff’s Department actually employ 15 elevator operators?

If you were to look at the department’s 2010 budget, you’d see that more than $527,000 went to pay elevator operators at various county locations.

You’d also see that more than $119,000 is reserved for two marble polishers. And more than $800,000 goes to pay 17 window washers.

Some might call it typical county waste.

Not exactly.

Victory in Focus

  Bill Brady visits with Rafael Motalvo, a machine operator at SWD Inc., a metal finishing company in Addison Illinois.

photo by Matt Ferguson mattferguson.com

WATCH: Aaron Schock on MSNBC Morning Joe

If I had $20 Million Dollars...

Great remake of the Barenaked Ladies song...  Worth the view!  Can't believe the Democrats put this guy up.  Make sure to share with your friends and repost on Facebook, etc.

Rutherford Questions State Treasurer on Sale of State-owned Hotel for Less Than Half the Appraised Value

Following is a press release from State Senator Dan Rutherford (R-Pontiac), Candidate for State Treasurer:

State Senator Dan Rutherford (R-Pontiac), GOP candidate for Illinois State Treasurer, questioned current State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias and his staff on what business analysis they used to determine the sale of a state-owned hotel asset for less than half the appraised value.


Save the date for a major fundraiser for our own CYR Political Director Angel Garcia.

April 29, 2010 from 4:30 to 6:30pm at River's (30 South Wacker Drive) in the lobby of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Cost: $100 a ticket.

This event will be MC'd by WLS 890 radio personality Cisco Cotto.

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