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A job fit for a mama grizzly

In a world where the U.S. has surpassed $14 trillion in debt and few conservatives are satisfied with the 2012 Republican presidential field, one woman dares to stand out as a maverick among the establishment...

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In a Blue State, GOP Seeing Green

By Bill McMorris Illinois Statehouse News

CHICAGO – Illinois may be one of the bluest states in the country, but that has not stopped the state Republican Party from pulling in the green.

Curt Conrad, executive director of the Illinois GOP, said the party has raised more money in the first four months of 2010 than was raised in all of 2009 — when it collected more than $500,000.

Illinois to be a top priority for the RNC in 2010

Thursday, the IL GOP held a three-part party-building event at downtown Chicago's Drake Hotel, and spirits were high among those attending, most of whom were much more optimistic about election outcomes than they were in 2008, when Illinois-based Barack Obama headed the November ballot.

GOP Senators: Quinn Budget Only Cuts $200 Million

By Benjamin Yount, Illinois Statehouse News

SPRINGFIELD – There are a lot of moving numbers in Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn's proposed budget.

So many that Republicans in the state Senate say they're having a hard time figuring out the total price tag.

The Senate Republicans on Thursday released an analysis of Quinn's proposals that lawmakers say show only $200 million in cuts, not the $2.6 billion the governor's office claims.

Victory in Focus

9th district candidate, Joel Pollak ralies the Tea Party crowd with his Tax day protest song. See the video www.youtube.com/user/TheChicagoyrs#p/u/6/8LGHCYuX9lc

How to Meet Attractive Conservative Women in Chicago


Hey, Conservative Guy. Tired of striking out with all the Obama Girls in this town? Tired of going on match.com, only to find that every lady in the 60657 zip code lists her politics as “Liberal”?

Tonight may be your night to get lucky with a woman who not only looks like Sarah Palin, but also owns an autographed copy of Going Rogue. The Chicago Young Republicans are holding their monthly happy hour from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Ontourage, 157 W. Ontario St.

Stop the iTax

Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn thinks you should pay a 6.25% sales tax on songs and movies you download. Instead of seeking to cut state expenses, Quinn's administration is determined to force you to pay more taxes and fees to help bail out Illinois from a $13 billion deficit that is growing by the day.

Coffee With Senator Bill Brady

By: Adam Justice

Meet CYRs Rachel Moguel

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