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Update from the Illinois Republican Party

Last week Chicago was host to President Obama’s 50th Birthday Bash.  A $36,800 a plate dinner celebrated in a state that had just hours before been met with the news that 1,100 more workers would be laid off in the upcoming months

CYR Angel Garcia on CLTV's Politics Tonight


Republican Day at the Illinois State Fair - Thursday, August 18, 2011

Republican Day at the Illinois State Fair
Thursday, August 18, 2011


Director’s Lawn / Illinois State Fairgrounds
801 Sangamon Avenue
Springfield, Illinois

Map/Driving Directions

11:30 AM - 2:00 PM

12:00 p.m. Lunch served (Anticipated time)
12:30 p.m. Speaking Program (Anticipated time)

Get free tickets (excluding parking)
GOPDay.com no later than August 11

It's compromise, not selling out

By John Giokaris, For RedEye

July 26, 2011

Here's a stat that will make you shudder: If you break down the U.S. national debt by citizen, each one of us is responsible for roughly $48,000.

Chicago Sun-Times: Sarah Palin documentary screening a political love fest for supporters

BY FRANK MAIN Staff Reporter/fmain@suntimes.com
Chicago Sun-Times Sunday July 24. 2011

Story Image

The Chicago screening of a new Sarah Palin documentary Saturday was a political love fest for her conservative supporters.

Lawsuit filed to protect IL voters

Illinois House and Senate Republican Leaders Tom Cross, Christine Radogno and numerous concerned citizens filed a federal lawsuit in the Northern District of Illinois today to invalidate the 2011 General Assembly redistricting map in an effort to redraw legislative districts to protect the most sacred right in a democratic society – the right to vote.

Young Republican National Summit Logo Contest!


The 2012 YRNF Summer Board Meeting will be held in conjunction with other youth Republican organizations in Charlotte, NC. The purpose of the event is to have the largest gathering of YOUNG REPUBLICANS in the same city, at the same event, 1 month before the Democrat National Convention.

We will show the world there are Young people that are conservative!

So help us with our marketing by designing the Official Young Republican National Summit Logo.

Your Award Winning YR Organization!

Last weekend at the YR National Convention in Puerto Rico, your CYRs brought home another national prize! CYRs Weekly Update was selected for the Outstanding Club Newsletter Award.

This adds to other recent CYR recognition as of late and begs the question, why haven't you joined this nationally renowned group?  It's easy.  Click HERE and join today!

CYRs have been recognized by YR peers across the nation as a top-performing YR organization:

CYRs Weekly Update was selected for the Outstanding Club Newsletter Award (YRNF 2011)

@CYRs Runner Up Best Person to Follow on Twitter in the Chicago Reader's "Best of Chicago 2011"

ChicagoYRs.com was selected as Outstanding Club Website (YRNF 2010)

CYRs were the only YR club chosen to present a workshop at the 2010 National Young Republican Leadership Conference: “Club Building: Fundraising and Marketing for YR Chapters”

Outstanding Large Club Award (YRNF 2009)

Outstanding Event for Election Night 2008 (YRNF 2009)

Outstanding Small Club Award (YRNF 2005)

Criticizing GOP on Debt Issues is Shortsighted

From policymic.com
Kyle Stone in National, General Politics July 11, 2011

Throughout the tense debt-ceiling showdown in Washington, pundits and commentators seem to be longing for yesteryear, when both parties more easily agreed on important issues; the good old days, when lawmakers, regardless of party identification, would blithely resist making tough choices like balancing budgets or curbing spending.

A CNN reporter waxed nostalgically about the time when rancor between the parties was minimal and Republicans fell in line with debt ceiling increases.

The June Employment Report Released

  • National Unemployment Rate: 9.2%, Up .1% since last month
  • Actual Unemployment Rate: 16.2%, Up .4% since last month
  • June’s Jobs Created:  18,000

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