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Democrat Fleecing of the Gay Community - When Will It End?


Symbolic gestures like Obama’s paper-tiger presidential memorandum granting same-sex partner benefits to federal employees sans health care benefits and “discussions” on repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” are hardly accomplishments at this point in history. According to recent Gallup Polls, 67% of Americans believe same-sex partners should receive employee benefits, INCLUDING health insurance, while 58% support REPEALING “don’t ask, don’t tell” now. Yet, despite public opinion in their favor on these two issues, the Democratic controlled federal government is doing nothing because, quite frankly, they are not held accountable. To be blunt, the Obama administration’s recent actions show how little sincerity it has in fulfilling its many campaign pledges to the gay community, notably repealing the federal Defense of Marriage Act. 

Tony supports the CYRs. Let's support Tony!

Join fellow CYRs and support Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica at a reception on Friday, July 17, 2009 from 6pm – 10pm at Marlin's Bar & Grill located at 7236 Pershing Rd. in Lyons, IL. CYR members pay only $25. (Normal ticket cost is $50.)

A long time supporter of the CYRs, Tony Peraica is the voice of reform on the Cook county Board. Let's help Tony continue to fight for taxpayers.

(More) Ruminations of a Chicago Young Republican

“Has anyone vandalized the CYR ads yet?”

…This question is thrown at me almost daily, from (Republican) friends and foes alike.

Cook County employee paid while in jail

Published report says that a Cook County employee was paid even while in jail.

The Sun-Times reports that  busboy turned patronage worker Tony Cole was given paid "excused" absences for his three stints in jail last November.

CYR Summer Membership Event a Success!

A month-long "Dare to be Right" Membership Drive peaked on June 29th as the CYRs celebrated its Summer Membership Event in Wrigleyville. The Republican-style Rock the Vote party was one of the most ambitious and far-reaching events attempted in Chicago and the result was an unprecedented success.

Brown Bailout?

Way to go FedEx!!!  Just wait till more companies start going on the offensive.  A reveloution is brewing out there, hardworking Americans and businesses cannot take much more of this.  Take a look at the website below, you'll be speechless!


$250,000 Date & We Footed the Bill

Last week President Obama took his wife on such an expensive date that even Donald Trump would be impressed. It was the Big Apple, and the grand total was $250,000. That’s right, in a recession, when there is a 9.4% unemployment rate, where so many Americans cant even afford to pay their mortgage, our President takes time out of his busy schedule to take the First Lady on a date that could pay the annual salaries of over 11 families of four living at the Federal Poverty Level ($22,050 annually).

All About Even

Today Rasmussen reports that for the first time Americans are split straight down the center on their approval of President Obama's job performance.  Click below to read the full article but might this be the start of some buyer's remorse?

Rasmussen Article

Young Conservative Anthem

H/T IllinoisReview.com and Steve Rauschenberger

“Chicago for Change” It’s a Republican Ideal

My first experience as a Chicago Young Republican came last fall. Having recently moved from the District of Columbia, I was no stranger to rallies, protests and general utilization of the First Amendment. However the constant chants for “change,” that erupted across the city for the months surrounding the election was overwhelming. There were marches, fundraisers, and rallies all in support of the Democratic nominee.

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