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Obama will probably never address this

The Obama care plan is over 1,000 pages long and we've never heard about what happens here.  So, either they left it out, or yet there is another reason to oppose the bill.

Strike two for Sotomayor

Sotomayor says that she doesn't believe there is a constitutional right to self - defense.  Of course this is regarding gun control, and who better to take issue with the second amendment than someone who legislates from the bench.


The Passionate Thomas Paine

2012: Romney Tied with Obama!

According to a July 20 Rasmussen Poll, if the 2012 Presidential election were held today President Obama and Mitt Romney would be tied at 45 percent. Further, if the 2012 race were between Sarah Palin and Obama, the current President would only be ahead of the Alaska Governor by 6 percentage points.


Tax Hike Killed, Still Borrowed Too Much and Cut Too Little

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Springfield, IL

I am finally on my way home from Springfield, torn between my happiness that we successfully blocked the job-killing tax hike the Democrats were trying to force on Illinois families, and my sadness that we have once again kicked the can down the road and resorted to borrowing our way out of fiscal trouble.

US Deficit Tops $1 Trillion for the First Time

The new budget deficit numbers for June came out and it shows that the US budget deficit has topped one trillion for the first time in history, coming in at $1.1 trillion. The budget deficit predictions made in September of 2008 show that under President Bush the deficit was $454.8 billion. Which means that since last September and under the Obama Administration the deficit has ballooned by over $645 billion!


Candidates for Governor

With the campaign for Governor getting into full swing the CYRs invite all Republican candidates to blog on the CYR website.  Please email Katy Keich to get setup.

New Leadership Desperately Needed in Springfield

After meeting with Governor Quinn this week and observing the many special-interests tugging him in multiple directions, it is evident that this entire budget fiasco has become quite a circus. What we’re witnessing is the continuation of a six-year-long comedy of errors. The problem with this comedy is that real people are getting hurt as worthwhile and necessary services are being held hostage by political gamesmanship.

A Nation Divided:President Obama Polling Numbers Show a Decrease in Support

Today a new Rasmussen poll was released. We’ve all been bombarded with the constant attention to President Obama’s “high” approval rating. While I have always contested that the President’s approval ratings tend to be inflated, I think this survey shows some merit.

Nationalized Medicine: Not Right for Our Nation

Recently President Obama has announced his plan for healthcare in America. It is no secret that our President is a fan of socialized medicine and his plan aims to make the Government a larger player in our healthcare and puts Government bureaucrats between you and your physicians. But how much information have we received on the effectiveness of nationalized healthcare in other countries that use this system?

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