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Chicago Young Republicans Weigh In

Redeye: O.M.G.O.P. Chicago young conservatives and Republicans live in a blue city—and they know it

Meredyth Richards says it's tough in Chicago for a conservative.

The 24-year-old Lincoln Park resident is politically active, passionately devoted to Republican causes and living in a city where the numbers are stacked against her. 

Richards, the president of the Chicago Young Republicans, said she's even considered moving.

Why does she stay?  Click Redeye to find out.

Illinois Policy Institute proudly announces the Collegiate Liberty Awards


The Illinois Policy Institute seeks outstanding term papers, essays, theses or dissertation chapters that embrace and support the principles of individual liberty, property rights, the rule of law, voluntarism or free enterprise.

Entry Deadline & Awards

Entries should be submitted by February 1, 2012. Collegiate Liberty Awards in the amount of $1,000 will be presented to each winner. Winning papers will be announced in April of 2012 and may be published by Illinois Policy Institute.

Senator Kirk asks "How Much Do You Owe the State of Illinois?"

In Illinois – You Owe 2x More than People in Indiana, Iowa or Missouri and 3x More than in Michigan or Wisconsin

State Rep. Tom Cross files bill to protect taxpayers from double dipping

"Can you name any place in the world where someone can get two pensions for the same job?" said state Rep. Tom Cross, a Republican from Oswego who has been pushing for statewide pension reform. "Even by our standards here in Illinois, it's beyond belief. It's insane."

The Votes That Matter Most: Illinois Policy Institute's 2011 Mid-Year Vote Card

From Collin Hitt, Senior Director of Government Affairs
Illinois Policy Institute
Votes in Springfield change lives. Lawmakers can make good votes: two pieces of education reform legislation that passed this spring will create better schooling opportunities for students and their families.  Lawmakers can make bad votes, too: the decision in Springfield this past January to raise income taxes will cost a typical family almost $1,500 by Christmas.
How have your elected officials voted?
Today the Illinois Policy Institute has released the mid-year installment of the 2011 Legislative Vote Card. Nineteen key floor votes were identified by Institute staff, dating back to the 2011 lame duck session of the outgoing 96th General Assembly. The Vote Card presents comprehensive roll calls on legislation regarding tax hikes, job creation, open government, education reform and responsible budgeting.
Click here to download the report card. Read it, and contact your lawmaker to ask them about these important votes.

Monday Night Quick Campaign Trainings Tips

Monday Night Quick Campaign Trainings Tips
2057 West Irving Park Road, Chicago

American Majority Illinois will hold a series of trainings on Monday evenings, through Dec. 12th at 2057 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago. The training will begin promptly at 7pm. and end at 8:30pm.

Click HERE for more information and to sign up.

November 14 Fundraising: The one thing every campaign needs, and can never get enough of is money. Who to ask, how to ask, how much to ask for- these are all important questions that you need to have answered before you start fundraising.

CYR Women: Apply for the Class of 2012 Illinois Lincoln Excellence in Public Service Series

The Illinois Lincoln Excellence in Public Service Series is an organization dedicated to training Republican women for elected or appointed position at the federal, state, and local levels.  The Illinois Lincoln Series is accepting applications at this time for the Class of 2012. Applications must be received by October 28, 2011.

Founded in 1994, the Illinois Lincoln Excellence in Public Service Series has graduated over 175 women from every part of the state and continues today to follow the mission: To increase the number of Illinois Republican women in elected and appointed governmental and political positions at the local, state, and federal levels.

For more information visit www.lincolnseries.com

The complete application and your current resume must be emailed, postmarked or submitted in person by Friday, October 28, 2011.

Sign the petition for Pension Reform Now

Tell Quinn, Cullerton and Madigan:
Pension Reform Now!

Sign the petition today!

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