Illinois Republican Party

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The Republican Party of Illinois is the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, with a proud tradition of support for freedom, opportunity, and integrity.

By fighting to reform Illinois, we will regain the trust of the people of this state.

We will return to our roots through dramatic reforms that can unleash the great potential of the individuals of this state – not the size and reach of government.

What We Stand For

  • Public office as a public trust
  • Less government intrusion in our lives
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Freedom and opportunity
  • No more “government as usual”
  • Lower taxes
  • Ending government waste
  • Less litigation
  • Personal responsibility
  • Smaller government
  • Strong national defense

The Problem

The State of Illinois finds itself on the brink of financial collapse, and a troubling pattern of scandal and controversy has caused people to lose faith in their leaders.

Irresponsible decisions by elected officials have mortgaged the future for Illinois children. Under the direction of one-party Democrat control over the last decade, state spending, taxes, and borrowing have skyrocketed.

This crisis cannot be solved by placing greater burdens on consumers, employers, and employees. We need dramatic change.

The people of Illinois need to change the way they govern themselves. We must restrict the bad tendencies of Illinois governing structure, and return more power back to voters who deserve greater control of their own destiny. People know how to build their future. In Illinois, they simply lack the ability to do so.

Our Agenda For Change

These issues are only a beginning - please help us prioritize the agenda below and send us your ideas along the way. The reform tour and the agenda for change start with people like you.

Protect taxpayers from the reckless financial decision-making of elected officials:

  • Prevent the imposition of new taxes to pay for costly programs or to solve financial crises caused by fiscal mismanagement and over-spending
  • Require a 3/5’s super majority vote to raise taxes or increase state debt.
  • Protect state pension funds, dedicated funds, and state assets from sale or mortgage to pay for other programs.

Protect citizens from elected officials who flagrantly abuse the power of their office:

  • Prohibit political contributions from state contractors.
  • Institute a revolving-door ban for elected officials and staff.

Empower voters to affect the state’s policy agenda.

  • Allow a statewide vote on binding referenda to define state policy.
  • Allow voters to recall elected officials who have neglected their duties or betrayed the public trust.
  • Require a statewide vote to approve any increase in state debt above $1 billion.

Respect families by giving them more freedom and responsibility for their own lives.

  • Create an educational tax credit to help parents pay for education related expenses.
  • Protect private property from government seizure.
  • Providing state tax incentives to individuals and businesses for donating their privately owned open space for environmental conservation.