Chicago Young Republicans Weigh In

Robert Enriquez announces bid for Illinois Secretary of State

Robert Enriquez made his formal announcement today at the Hotel Allegro in Chicago.

Robert Enriquez was born a US citizen in Honduras and arrived in the US at age 13. A native English & Spanish speaker, he has lived and traveled extensively within every country of Latin America on business or as a US Marine officer. He has BS in Management Science from Case Western Reserve University and International Marketing MBA from Baldwin-Wallace College, both in Cleveland.

In 1999, Enriquez spearheaded a transfer of Ford foreign automotive capability from overseas to Glendale Heights, Illinois, thereby demonstrating that local manufacturing jobs and an increase in the state’s tax base, as opposed to unrestrained outsourcing, is viable.

In 2005, Enriquez was appointed to a state mandated Republican seat on the Illinois Human Rights Commission. As Commissioner he sustains, modifies or reverses adjudicated punitive and damage complaints throughout the State under the Illinois Human Rights Act.

Enriquez is running for a variety of reasons he calls simple commonsense: “We need to insure Illinois voters believe in their government. As Secretary of State, I will put the department’s budget online for everyone to see. Every elected leader must possess the resolve to be transparent and this is not a difficult task with today’s secure technology,” said Enriquez. “And, as my administration accrues departmental savings, we will champion a credit to Illinois motorists with 10% of those savings towards next year’s fees,” he added. “Among other things, I would like to work out a plan with local police where they can get their moving violation fines without keeping motorists licenses. Driver’s licenses are important as identification for air travel, legal transactions and other day-to-day activities and I think a better system should have been instituted years ago,” he said. “As a veteran, I also think military plates for our veterans should be the same charge as regular plates. We need to honor our Illinois veterans, not charge them as though their plates are a matter of ‘vanity,’” Enriquez added.

Robert Enriquez lives in Aurora with his wife Dania Torres Enriquez, a native of Puerto Rico, and has four children: Noelia, Adriana, Alexandra and Robert, Jr.

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