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AFP wants you to tell your legislators that Illinois must stop burdening struggling families and businesses with higher taxes.

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Americans for Prosperity - Illinois

As you may know, the Illinois General Assembly will hold a “lame duck” session over the next few days and the newly-elected General Assembly will be sworn in on Wednesday. Legislation dramatically affecting you and your family may be taken up in the near future.

Take a few minutes to contact your state legislators about two very important issues: 1) Keeping the 67% state income tax increase temporary; and 2) Saying “no” to the further implementation of Obamacare in Illinois through a massive expansion of Medicaid.

Contact your legislators by clicking HERE to let them know we want lower taxes and less spending in Illinois, not more!

Tell our politicians to keep their promises, keep the 67% income tax hike temporary:

Recall it was during the last lame duck session in 2011 the 67% “temporary” increase in the state income tax was pushed through the state Senate at 1:30AM. Since then, six of the lame ducks who voted for it have been given government jobs, some of which come with an annual salary of more than $130,000. As originally passed the increase in the state personal income tax rose from 3% to 5% and will fall to 3.25% by 2025. The corporate income tax rate rose from 4.8% to 7% and will fall back to 4.8% by 2025. If Illinois hopes to improve its business climate, it is imperative the income tax increase is allowed to sunset as scheduled.

However, there are rumblings that some folks in the General Assembly would like to make the increases permanent, even though they said it was temporary when they passed it less than two years ago. At the time, Senate President JohnCullerton said: “A portion of this tax (increase) is going to expire in four years… This, again, is a temporary tax.”

Click here to tell your legislator to keep their word and oppose

making the income tax hike permanent!

Tell your legislators that Illinois must stop burdening struggling families and businesses with higher taxes.

Say “No” to Obamacare’s massive expansion of Medicaid in Illinois:

The General Assembly may also take up legislation to implement two elements of Obamacare here in Illinois- a massive expansion of Medicaid eligibility and the creation of a state-based healthcare exchange. These programs are optional for states and many other states across America have opted to not create a state-based exchange or expand Medicaid.

The expansion of Medicaid (H.B. 6253) will add more than 500,000 people to the already broken entitlement program. Illinois owes almost $2 billion in back payments to doctors and hospitals on top of having some of the lowest payments to providers in the country. Delayed reimbursements and below-market payments actually encourage physicians not to cover Medicaid patients leaving many Medicaid recipients with fewer care options. By expanding Medicaid eligibility, many people will be forced into this broken system. Learn more about why Illinois should not expand Medicaid in an op-ed I wrote for the Chicago Tribune.

Many lawmakers think the Medicaid expansion is a way to gain “free” federal funds to cover Illinoisans. However, the Obama administration is already looking for ways to shift costs for this expensive program back to the states. Furthermore, the massive influx of new recipients will overburden an already struggling system, resulting in poorer care and less providers.

Click here to contact your legislators. Tell them to keep their promises to the taxpayers and oppose any effort to extend or make permanent the 67% income tax hike and to oppose any expansion of Medicaid!