Chicago Young Republicans Weigh In

Deserve Victory... Earn the Reward!

Election 2012

Deserve Victory... Earn the Reward!

If you work hard now, your reward in November will be lower taxes, less government regulation, and a better plan for America than just “HOPE”. Your reward could also be an iPad, Chicago sports tickets, a new TV, cash money, and restaurant gift cards for some of the best food in Chicago!

“How?!” You ask. Join fellow Chicago Young Republicans at the the Lincoln Park Victory Center for critical campaign calls to Illinois voters. It’s simple, fast, and fun.

Rules & Such:

  • The CYR Members who make the most victory calls this election cycle will earn one of our top prizes.

  • You must be a CYR Member in good standing by November 6, 2012. Ask us about your membership status at or sign up today at

  • The Illinois Victory Program will keep track of all volunteers calls. You will be assigned a volunteer number that will allow CYRs and the Victory Program to track your efforts. Just ask for your number the first time you come in!

  • If you have already made calls, fantastic! Those calls will go toward your total.

  • There will be nightly prizes (i.e. CYR Memberships, t-shirts, and other fun stuff) on CYR sponsored nights.

  • The Lincoln Park Victory Center is located at 2768 N. Lincoln. It is open 7 days a week for your convenience. Tuesday is CYR night with food and prizes.

  • E-mail when you can make it!