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Did you know there are elephants running rampant down the Magnificent Mile?

Chicago may be notorious for mobsters, crooked politicians, and at least one semi-winning baseball team, but our city is also gaining fame as a vibrant Home Base for young, urban conservatives. Nearly 1,000 members strong and ever growing, the Chicago Young Republicans (CYR) are the nation's largest young Republican organization. Our all-volunteer herd lurks in every corner of town. In 2010 we put a dozen young GOP candidates on the ballot and provided the grassroots infrastructure desperately needed to challenge the entrenched Democratic Machine.

Our Republican team made 250,000 phone calls, decorated the city with 5,000 yard signs, and delivered 10,000 pieces of literature. More than 100 CYRs were also dispersed throughout the state in key campaign positions. Equally important, on November 2nd we deployed 50 trained election judges, poll watchers, and member attorneys to restore integrity to Chicago's democratic process.

Angel Garcia, Joel Pollak, Adam Robinson, and Dave Lenkowski are just a few of our members who were brave enough to challenge the liberal status quo this past year. Along with the numerous other CYR candidates for local, state, and federal offices, they collectively represent the next generation of passionate, professional GOP leaders.

We're changing what it means to be Red in a Blue State.

Due, in part, to our work, two fiscal conservatives control the offices of State Treasurer and State Comptroller. Five new Republicans from Illinois are now part of the 112th Congress. And U.S. Senator Mark Kirk proudly sits in President Barack Obama's former U.S. Senate seat.

For continued success we must keep this momentum alive. Our vibrant, all-volunteer organization depends on substantial technological, marketing, activist, and membership resources. We ask that you become a sponsor to build upon our success.

Our eyes are on the White House and Springfield, but we need your help to fight in the Democrats' backyard RIGHT now. They take our votes for granted, and have brought the “Chicago Way” to Washington and to our state capital. We refuse to let this go on unchallenged.


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