Q: How do I join?

A: All that is required to join is a willingness to support the Republican platform and the payment of our $35 annual membership fee. You can join online or come to one of our events and join at the sign-up table. Membership runs on a rolling one-year basis, lasting 365 days from the day you join or renew. If you joined or renewed in 2010 or 2011, no matter when, your membership benefits will last a complete year. Simply joining the e-mail list or our Facebook group does not make you a member in good standing with the club.


Q: What do I get for my membership fee?

A: CYR members receive discounts to various political events throughout the year. Typically, a discount to a single political event will more than cover the initial $35 investment. Other events, such as Member-Only events with various politicians, are only open to dues paying members. Payment of the membership fee also allows a member to vote at general business meetings when large issues come up such as amending the by-laws, officer elections, etc.  


Q: How young is “Young”? Is there a strict age cut-off for the club?

A: Officially, the club’s age demographic is 18-40 years of age (inclusive). People aged 41 and older can become associate members of the organization but are ineligible to vote or run for officer positions. In practical terms, however, all ages are welcome to our events so long as they are young-at-heart!


Q: I am a member of the media/another political organization and I am interested in contacting your club. Whom should I contact?

A: Different inquiries should be directed to the appropriate officer of our organization. Please visit the contact us page for more information.


Q: How often are your meetings? When is your next event?

A: We typically have several business and committee meetings as well as social events each month. For a full schedule of events, please see our calendar of events and visit this website frequently. For regular updates on CYR events and news, please also join on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Q: Does your club follow a particular “wing” of the Republican Party? What is your specific ideology?

A: Our club supports and advances the platform of the Republican Party. However, the specific political ideologies of our club members is as diverse as the various ideologies within the Republican Party. The one thing our members do share is a passion for Republican politics, and a desire to advance the platform in a positive and professional manner.


Q: How can I publicize my event or candidacy with your organization?

A: Please see the Chicago Young Republicans'  Access Policy for information on how we can help you publicize your candidacy or organization.